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Pie Club...the story so far

Time spent reflecting is never wasted. In today's hectic society, we all too often move on to what's next before truly understanding what we have experienced.

Borne of this desire to pause and rate, Pie Club was founded in 1999, amidst a nation panicking about a Millennium Bug spelling the end of the World.

Hopefully, the grounded calmness of mince pie tasting did something to mollify those fearing Prince's doom laden pop prophecy.

What Pie Club does

Throughout this Century, Pie Club has stood for honesty and truth. Yuletide treats can often dazzle and bluff, but the mince pies rated through our system are broken down to their true essence, not only by our digestive system, but by our comprehensive examination.

Only the hearty flourish, while the meek are disinherited.

Why mince pies?

It is important to test mince pies each year because of what we term the 'Pie Vacuum'. Pork pies and steak puddings are a constant presence in our lives, but we wave a tearful goodbye to our mincemeat versions almost as soon as we take back our unwanted Christmas gifts/pets.

Much can happen during the Pie Vacuum, and we appear each November, to update the pressured pie buyer on the new state of play.

Pie Club on the interweb

This site launched back in 2007 when a credit crunch was merely the sound effect used for stamping on a frog. Now 'popular' worldwide, what was once a self-help group for a clutch of crust worshippers and their beleaguered friends, has become a twinkling beacon of festive verity - for the benefit of all in search of that precious, perfect, fruity nibble.

Will you let us show you the way? Have you the stomach for a fight? Are you on your lunch hour?

Well, search inside yourselves for the answers, for all you will need is there.

This is Pie Club.

All the best.


| Pie Admin