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Where's the pie at? Still

Since the crescendo of our 2018 Two Tribes contest, which was clearly a high point for global inclusivity, the outsider pies have been embraced as the new normal, leaving only the most fervent puritans to insist on traditional slop beneath their lids.

Never have we enjoyed a richer tapestry of toppings, inners and crumbshots across our supermarket aisles making the job of tasting each variety virtually impossible. Even the job of shortlisting the top 16 pies to compete in our annual knockout would be maddening, and may leave this great institution open to justifiable legal challenges.

Pie Club continues on Facebook and Twitter in an advisory role, cherry picking each season's most interesting entries, throwing wild accusations about Mr Kipling and, most of all, hoping to inspire a new generation of food interrogation.

Join us, or be us. But better.

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